Meditation is conscious sleep, which means that you are replicating the process of receiving cosmic energy consciously (with your own knowledge) when you meditate. Meditation brings in a lot of positive energies,inner peace and calm to the self.

Sit in a comfortable posture with eyes closed, fingers of one hand lockedinto other, legs crossed just like we sit normally and focus on your normaland natural breathing process going on. Once you start focusing on your naturalbreathing, you will slowly go into a meditative state when you no longer need tofocus on the breathing and then you can focus on the experiences you haveduring the meditation.

In the initial stages, you may be getting a lot of thoughts while doing this process.During the initial stages of meditation, it happens to everybody. What you have to do in that case is develop a sense of awareness that you are getting athought and try to shift your focus back onto your breath. During the initialstages, developing the awareness that you are getting a thought is bliss.

The more and more awareness you develop over the period, the more cosmicenergy you receive. It is a constant learning process and the final goal is to slowly get into a thoughtless state where you receive the maximum energy.Remember that Rome could not be built overnight or no person becomes arockstar or expert overnight. Practice is what makes you perfect.

You can see the image below for the meditation posture

The benefits of meditation are :

  • Diseases get healed speedily
  • Memory-power becomes increased
  • Wasteful habits die a natural death
  • Mind stays in a peaceful and joyful state
  • Work gets done with greater efficiency
  • Sleep-time requirements get reduced
  • Relationships become more qualitative
  • Will-power gets tremendously increased
  • Ability to discern right/wrong gets sharpened
  • Purpose of life is thoroughly understood
  • Deep sleep

In sleep, we get cosmic energy without our awareness and we use this energy in our day to day life.

  • Meditation or Spiritual practices

In Meditation we get abundant of cosmic energy when we experience mindless state or no thought state. We get this energy with our full awareness. Meditation is a conscious sleep and sleeping is unconscious meditation.

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Meditation is done to increase your energy levels. As mentioned above in question 2, 80% of our energy is lost through eyes. So there is no point in doing meditation with your eyes open. It is like trying to fill a bottle which has a hole at the bottom. The bottle can never be filled.

Meditation is the practice of trying to make your mind empty. So make sure your mind will not think about inconvenience of your body parts which means you have to make sure you sit comfortably wherever you want. By sitting in a comfy posture, you do not have to think about your body and you can focus more on your meditation practice.

APM, Any Place Meditation.
You can meditate at any place – at home, any room, during your commute in bus,train or flight, if car – make sure you are not the driver :). Just lock your fingers,cross your legs and close your eyes and meditate.

As long as you want but the thumb rule is at least to meditate as per your age. For example, if you are 30 years old, minimum 30 minutes of meditation is required in a day and extra minutes are always bonus to your spiritual journey.

Yes, you can move your body in meditation but do not open your eyes until the time you have decided to sit is over

We lose the cosmic energy gained through sleep every day in the following ways :
80% through Eyes : We use our eyes to see and observe everything andthat too with a lot of keen attention at times. This is where most of theenergy gets lost.

10% through Mouth : With Talking/Speaking, we lose 10% of our energy

10% trough Hands and Legs : By using our hands/legs, we lose the remaining 10%

Gautama Buddha spent 6 years of his life, talking to several gurus,practising their ways of yoga, pranayama and meditation and practised several ways of doing editation, in search of the truth he was looking for.

Out of all the different methods he practiced, he found out that focusing on breathing is the easiest way of all, which is termed as Anapanasati. (Ana – Inhale, Pana – Exhale, Sati – together (being together with ana ana pana))

ATM, Any Time Meditation.
You can meditate anytime that you feel like to but for the beginners, experts suggest to pick a specific time every day to practice meditation. This way the mind will adjust to the rhythm of meditation. It is ok if this can’t be accommodated as well as long as you find some or the other time to do meditation.

Below are the links to the music being used in our regular meditationsessions. You can choose whichever you feel helps you better. But after choosing, try to stick to the same music every time you meditate. That way, your body and mind get tuned to this music every time you do meditation.



Any soothing / relaxing instrumental music will help you to get into a meditative state easily. There are no restrictions on what music you an use.

You can move / re-position your legs until you feel comfortable, but do not open your eyes while you adjust yourself.

Meditation is Meditation. Pyramid is a tool/catalyst to get to thoughtless state in a faster pace.

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Are you able to find time to eat, drink, work, sleep and watch movies ? Then you can definitely find time to meditate as well. Where there is a will, there is away. Just like you are able to find time to eat, drink, work, sleep and watch movies, you can find time to meditate as well. You have to give that priority/importance to practice of meditation in your life so that you can definitely find time. Remember that everything happens out of intent alone.

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