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The word Pyramid comes from the Greek word Puramis or Puramid. The root ‘pyr’ is very similar to the Greek word ‘pyro’ meaning fire. Fire is pure energy.

The remainder of the word, ‘amid’ means ‘center’. In ancient Egypt, pyramids were called Per-Neter, meaning House of Energy. So you could say that the pyramid means ‘fire at the center.’ The vortex at the center of this sacred shape holds its energy, its fire. The pyramid symbolizes a potent storehouse of energy generators.

Aware of this science, Patriji experimented with Pyramid Energy during his meditation, and discovered its great potential. This high-energy environment promotes healing and the preservation of life forces. The use of pyramid energy places PSSM in a special class within the aware world of conscious co-travelers.

As of today, more than 25,000 pyramids have been constructed in India and worldwide with the express purpose of enhancing pyramid meditation. In addition, PSSM is the only organization that has replicated the precise angles of Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza.

The benefit of this sacred geometry include the following:

  • A three-fold increase in cosmic energy
  • Intensifies the cosmic energy of the full moon
  • Profound healing occurs when a Meditator meditates underneath a pyramid
  • Studying underneath a pyramid induces deeper concentrative states
  • Research supports the healing power of pyramids 
  • Pyramid energy can help preserve fruits and vegetables
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