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“I am very lucky to have blessings from The Universal Father directly!”

Patriji invited me and Anitha to Egypt trip during the month January, 2009. We got this rare opportunity to visit Egypt along with a 90 members PSSM Team and Patriji. Two complete weeks in the company of Patriji in Egypt was such a fabulous dream! 

To reach the king’s chamber one needs to crawl up and climb slowly and in fact it was a mind-boggling experience. Before I could reach the king’s chamber, Patriji started pouring his energies through his melodious Flute Music! Suddenly, from the base of the pyramid, energies started flowing towards the apex of the pyramid like an ocean and the pyramid was filled totally with energies. A big energy blast happened and got spread throughout the city! 

I felt very happy indeed, as if I was born to experience this moment on this earth! I celebrated five years completion of my meditational journey with Patriji in Egypt, which was my most memorable moment.

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