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“I am now feeling confident my third eye will open.”

I reached the Mulund Pyramid in 2013 and enjoyed the one hour meditation under the pyramid under the guidance of Ms. Sheela Mehta, Head of the Pyramid Meditation Centre at Mumbai. Her melodious song during the meditation, increased the power of meditation and made us more relaxed.

I did not realize that I had meditated for one hour as I am used to meditating for twenty minutes only. I do not know how the one hour went off. When I got up, I was fully charged, energized and was feeling very fresh. The body, which was feeling heavy during the initial period of meditation, had become light.

I have now started meditating daily with a pyramid cap for minimum one hour. I have also bought a 2 feet by 2 feet Pyramid in the workshop. I am now feeling confident that as I increase the time and quality of meditation, my third eye will open and give me more and more spiritual experiences and insight.

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