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“A sense of deep connection with Goddess Isis”

After a short boat-ride to island we reached the Isis temple. The guide asked everyone to stand at the entrance of the temple and started explaining about the history, tears started to flow from my eyes! As I approached the temple entrance, I was stopped by an invisible force, an effort to move didn’t work either , fear gripped my entire being. I started crying. I was the only one outside the temple and rest of the group already went inside the temple.

I closed my eyes and asked for help, a message came to ask for forgiveness. As I did, the energy field changed instantly. I felt very calm and a deep peace got bestowed upon me. I was able to move and I entered the temple and meditated inside the sanctum. 

Later, I came to know of past life unresolved matter and the revelation that Goddess Isis is one of my guides in this life-time. I am experiencing great changes within since my visit to the Great Pyramid. My heart-felt gratitude to Patriji for his divine presence which hastened our spiritual growth.

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