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“My new life started with Breath Energy Meditation.”

Meditation in turn is resting my body and increase peace in my mind. It makes me to feel happy in any situation. It is only through meditation, we get abundant cosmic energy and the spiritual wisdom and the intellect becomes mature. Now, I do more work with greater efficiency, through meditation.

Mahzen, Egypt

“Patriji’s guided flute meditation: so extremely pleasant and so sweet.”

A friend who knew that I was into MEDITATION, brought me to a PYRAMID MEDITATION SESSION one day. I tried it and found I could get into a state of no-mind in a much easier way and for a longer period than my usual meditation practice.

Recently, I had a chance to meet the founder of PSSM, BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI, in Singapore! His guided flute meditation was something much beyond whatever I had experienced until then. If I could describe it, it would be a very deep meditation that was so extremely pleasant and so sweet.

Rebecca Ling, Singapore

“Reconnecting with the Breath.”

Simply through the BREATH, I was able to connect to my movements, my presence, and my spirit. I won’t lie, meditation wasn’t easy but it changed my life and it all started with the BREATH. Life began to flow a bit easier. My meditation practice has grown to something I love to do. It is as fluid as I am. Best of all, my faith in the universe has solidified. Now I am living my life to the fullest.

Jackie, Italy